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Age Level Date Name Teams Cost* Open Spots Contact Download PDF  Registration Form and Details
9 Tournament
Teams and
July 6-8 Dawg Days of Summer 8 $325 7


Jim Vera

Tournament Team Registration Form.pdf
9 A/B May 24-28 Memorial Day Super Slam 8 $475 6


Brain Vander

9u Red Revised registration Form.pdf
9 B May 4-6 Swing for the Fences 8 $475 6 Tim Plauck
9u Gold revised registration form.pdf
10 A/B June 1-3 School's Out Summer Classic 8 $475 0

Scott Johnson

10u Red registration form 2018.pdf
11 A/B May 18-20 Red & Gold Glove Classic 8 $475 2

Matt O'Connor

11u Red 2018 Registration form .pdf
11 B June 29-July 1 Stars, Stripes, and Strikes Classic 8 $475 2

Pete Benesh

Matt LaCasse

11u Gold 2018 registration form.pdf
12 A/B April 20-22 Early Bird Homerun 8 $475 3

Tom Shields

12u Red 2018 Registration form.pdf
12 B June 8-10 Battling Bulldog Bash 8 $475 0

Lana Haslett

12u Gold 2018 Registration form.pdf
13 B June 8-10  Summer Swing Rally 8 $475


Mike Law


13u Red 2018 Registration Form .pdf

13 B May 24-28 Memorial Day Bulldog Homerun Classic 16 $475


Jim Zitkus


John Edgerton

13u Gold Black 2018 Registration Form.pdf
14 A June 1-3 Bulldog Homerun Derby Classic 8 $475


John Szuberla
14u Red 2018 Registration Form .pdf
14 B June 28-July 1 Bulldog Blast  8 $475 1 Brian Krol
14u Gold 2018 Registration Form.pdf
15   July 19-22 Bulldog Showdown   $650**  

Brian Krolikowski

15u 2018 Registration Form.pdf


* Tournament fee only $450 if received prior to 12/31/17

** 15u Tournamnet fee $625 if received by 12/31/17



BYB tournament classification definitions:

  • Open – Elite or recruited travel teams. BYB does not host these kinds of teams or tournaments
  • A – The top program from community-based travel programs, and second-tier teams that take players from multiple communities. Play in Gold leagues or divisions. Our A/B tournaments are primarily for A teams, but B teams are welcome to play up.
  • B  –  Second- or lower-level teams from community-based travel programs.  Typically play in Silver-level leagues or divisions. Tournament teams, part-time travel teams and rec all-star teams (defined as teams comprised of players that play a rec league / in-house season and form an all-star team for additional playing opportunities)
  • TT -Tournament Teams (TT), part-time travel teams, and rec all-star teams (defined as teams comprised of players that play a rec league / in-house season and form an all-star team for additional playing opportunities). 


How to learn about our tournaments in future seasons: 

  • Batavia Youth Baseball posts our tournaments every year on InfoSports.com. It's free to post or browse tournaments. 
  • If you would like to be put on our email distribution list to be alerted when we officially announce our tournaments in future years, please send an email to


Have a tournament you want our BYB coaches to know about? 

  • If you already have contact information for some of our coaches, please feel free to contact them directly. 
  • If you have flyers or tournament links, please email   with dates, ages, and any other specifics. We will distribute the information to the appropriate coaches in a timely manner.